Running Through Fire – Review Excerpts

Review Excerpts:

run_coverRunning Through Fire:
How I Survived the Holocaust


San Francisco Chronicle Review

“Knowing that things could turn against her at any moment, she was constantly prepared for the worst. “I had long hair with a knot in the back. I had razor blades hidden in the knot in order to commit suicide in case I could not take it anymore.” But Zosia Goldberg never succumbed to despair. She was interrogated by the Gestapo and badly beaten; she was often close to starvation; she suffered from hepatitis, from mange itch, from lice; and at one point she felt that her spirit had finally been broken. But it wasn’t. In the end, I believe that was her most transcendent accomplishment – as great, if not greater, than the fact that she survived.

“Running Through Fire is a book filled with unspeakable horrors – but it is told without a shred of self-pity. Zosia Goldberg never complains, never bemoans her lot. She battles and endures, and in this raw, unvarnished tale of human suffering, she has given us a manual of hope.”

– Paul Auster

“Boldness, Beauty, Luck: A Holocaust Survivor’s Story.”

– Theresa Johnston
Stanford Report, May 19, 2004

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